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Monday, 28 November 2011

steps of research process definition literature

Steps of Research Process - Definition Literature Free Tutoring

The scientific method of research basics steps.

Defining a problem:
To start a research, we first of all need to discover the exact problem and which required the solution. The best way to find out or identity the problem area or problem is clearly identified and formulated.

Review of the Literature:
This literature survey involves a review of some published and unpublished work from the available secondary data sources or available data relevant to our study.

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Formulation or Developing Working Hypothesis:
The hypothesis is the main point around which the future research efforts will be directed. All the data collected, the tools of analysis are influenced by the hypothesis. We use the null hypotheses (H0) and alternative hypothesis (Ha) and find out the relevant relations between the different variables

Developing a Research Design:
Research designs outline the conditions for collection and analysis of data, for this we can find the information using sampling design techniques, data collection design and instrument design.

Collection of Data:
Using these (Convenience Sampling, Purposive Sampling, Judgment Sampling, random and cluster sampling, systematic sampling and many more) techniques to find the data collections.

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Analysis of Data:
Now we analysis the data in details and follow the procedure - Coding, Editing, Tabulation and Statistical analysis presentation which needs to help to prepare the final report in research.

Drawing Conclusions:
All the tested hypotheses data interpretation is done with the results on the basic of all the theories

Reporting the Results:
In this section, results launched publically of the research so that the findings can be put to some use in further research. It contains the preliminary section (contains title of the report, table content preface etc), the main text section (contain the main problem area, objective, and research methodology) and the end section (queries, glossary items and supported materials.

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