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Thursday, 13 October 2011

General Triangles solution using laws of sine and cosine formula

General Triangles :  Solutions
For a general triangle, which may or may not have a right angle, we will again need three pieces of information. The four cases are:

1.  One side and two angles
2. Two sides and one opposite angle
3. Two sides and the angle between them
4. Three sides are given

Note that if we were given all three angles we could not determine the sides uniquely; by similarity an infinite number of triangles have the same angles.

To solve a general triangle in all four of the above cases. Though the methods described will work for right triangles, they are mostly used to solve oblique triangles, that is, triangles which do not have a right angle.

There are two types of oblique triangles: an acute triangle has all acute angles, and an obtuse triangle has one obtuse angle.

Also Understand the concept of laws of sines and laws of cosines formulas

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